The NiBBLe 1 vs 1 January 2017 Competition

NiBBLe eSports once again has seen another competition holding some exciting moments that set a standard for future 1 vs 1 tournaments. With 14 NiBBLe entrants participating, reaching the finals seemed like miles away, but each map proved to be a new challenge with some players shining their skill on the rifle, pistol and awp. What even sweetened the aspect of competition, thanks to our sponsor Husaria Industries,  was the Minimal Wear Frontside Misty that awaited the victor. With the setting made and the goal to achieve, each player set out to become the 1 vs 1 champion of January 2017.

Round 1

The tournament was set out into 5 rounds, with the first round having the 14 entrants divided into 2 groups of 7. Group A and B hit it off on am_grass, a map of open space with angles playing a very important role in a players victory. It was evident that PolishMafia, Ord and Kevin dominated group A and B, holding the angles and space effectively till the end.

With round 1 completed, Fluffy Wubkins and R3P3R saw themselves facing off as D.T.Y.M teammates in a round 1 lower bracket match up. The winner of this lower bracket match would be promoted back up to round 2 to face off against the top 8. Unfortunately R3P3R had to walk away after a great performance and close defeat against Fluffy wubkins. This lower bracket match up deserved a honourable mention for the competitive sportsmanship and intense back and fourth trades made by both players with Fluffy Wubkins winning 16 – 14.

Quarter Finals

The quarter finals stirred tense gameplay and tilting rage with the am_banana proving to be a difficult map. Brava held a decisive stance in holding the highest kills of round 2 with Kevin, Prime and  Ord showing successive scores behind the leader. This map significantly separated the semi-finalists with a series of quick peeks, angles and spray downs. With tensions high and scores equally comparable, the semifinal would hold a tense match up, deciding the finalists for the 1 vs 1 championship.

Semi Finals

The semi-final saw Kevin power through the early rounds and hold a significant lead over the staggered three. But tension, competitiveness and anxiety quickly intensified with Prime, Ord and Brava trading kills to lead one after another. With successive rounds of a constant struggle for second place, accuracy and precision quickly became a mental battle. Kevin held a strong lead and even amidst the strong competition from the rising three, secured his position in the final.  Ord was able to illustrate his precision and patience in the last few remaining rounds and gain a slight lead over the trailing two. Holding this mind set as the map ticked down to a gasping end, Ord found himself victorious over Prime and Brava with a mere 1 and 2 kill advantage respectively.


The final  arrived, with Ord and Kevin facing off to decide the winner. After  a reasonably large margin win by Kevin in the semi-final, pressure remained on the top fragger to secure his win over Ord. am_must was the venue for the final clash, requiring precise initial shots on a very quick peeking mid ranged map. With angles sometimes holding an advantage, aim was the most important aspect of this match up which perfectly instilled the setting of the 1 vs 1 aim champion. Ord had a strong start gaining rounds over Kevin. Kevin quickly responded with a significant comeback, shortening the gap towards the end of the map. With constant trades during the mid game, Ord began to find rhythm again to see himself take the final rounds and become the NiBBLe 1 vs 1 champion for January 2017. This line up could not have been any better, with Ord and Kevin showing a great performance over every round. The clash was so great that Ord and Kevin even met up to share some drinks ! Betrunken !

This event, as intended, brought all the NiBBLe eSports teams together to enjoy a competitive scene and socialise as fellow clan members. With the success of the event, NiBBLe will be hosting future 1 vs 1 tournaments with bigger prizes available. This event would not have been made possible without the planning from Brava and the financial contribution toward the prizes and CS GO 128 tick server from Husaria Industries. Thank you to all the NiBBLe members for attending the event and showing a significant interest into internal clan competitions. We trust that these events give our members the opportunity to grow and develop the skills needed to perform at higher levels of South African esports. Stay posted for future news on the next 1 vs 1 tournament, where Ord will be challenged on whether he will remain the 1 vs 1 champion.

Please check the results below showing the total kills over all rounds for participating members.

1 vs 1 Aim Results

Round Achieved
D.T.Y.M. Kevin
Legacy § Ord
Legacy § Brava
D.T.Y.M. PolishMafia
Quarter Final
D.T.Y.M Fluffy Wubkins
Quarter Final
32 (+16)
Legacy § WormBear
Quarter Finals
Legacy § SupaFly
Quarter Finals
||KO|| Jay Jay
Round 1
||KO|| Freezed
Round 1
||KO|| Logic
Round 1
||KO|| Dagger
Round 1
D.T.Y.M. Shockz
Round 1
D.T.Y.M. R3P3R
Round 1
6 (+14)



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