Who is keen to win some prize money or be part of another epic SA eSports tournament ! So keeping the SA eSports community updated and getting all our local teams involved, is what NiBBLe eSports is all about. NiBBLe eSports in supporting some local eSports tournaments and really would like some other like-minded gamers to join in. We will see Ballistix Gaming offering R 150 000.00 in prize money for three different tournaments. The tournament will be host to some amazing Dota 2, CS GO and Battlefield 4, show-casing some of South Africa’s eSports talent. This is an exciting event for us as the pool of experience entering this tournament will be significantly varied, offering all teams an opportunity to develop their skills or set their eyes on some tournament prize money. Make sure you register at Ballistix Masters Cup to get your shot as 1 of 60 teams competing. NiBBLe eSports will see you there and wish you the best of luck in the tournament.

Peace Out !



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