Hey whatsup fellow readers and scrubs…

With some up and coming LAN events, NiBBLe eSports has finalised our shirt designs to accompany our NiBBLe teams !

Hoping the designs astonish many, our sleek, sports material radiate professionalism with a bold , unique design to attract any who set gaze upon it ;P. Through this design we hope to market NiBBLe eSports and our sponsors while making our players look pretty badass. The shirt will be made available for purchase to the public, so we hope to see the NiBBLe brand attracting some pretty rad individuals. The admin have worked tiresomely to find the most feasible printing solution, based on a financial and material quality perspective. We have outsourced a few solutions that will be listed soon enough :] You just need to calm down and continue reading !

Taking a look at the design. NiBBLe eSports will be offering some customization to the shirts, exclusively for NiBBLe eSports members. With unique gaming aliases, gamers will feel strongly about showing everyone who they are. A little added feature just for NiBBLe TV members might see a colour customisation to the shirts :O just so you guys can stick out even more than usual.

So if you still not interested, lets dive into a little more about the design and what our printing solutions have found for you.

The eye catching, single shard dispersion shirt design by Brava proved to be a favourite amongst the voters held in February this year. With a shoulder wrap and full shirt width design, fitted with a unique NiBBLe ‘N’ logo dispersion, this shirt will prove to be worthy to Chuck Norris himself.

If you are wanting to order your shirts please make sure you fill out the form below. NiBBLe eSports members will be given until Sunday (26th March 24:00) to order their shirts. Payment information and further details will be sent out as correspondence when order is received.

NiBBLe eSports hopes that we will see our members out at future LAN events and in public ! Inspiring the NiBBLe eSports name and growing our communities reputation of professionalism, intense fun, unity and respect. If you require any information contact us and let us help you out :]

Have a sick weekend !

NiBBLe Admin

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