2018’s Games … What does this year hold?

Yes!!! My amazing Nibblers, 2018 is upon us leaving behind a big year in gaming that was 2017. We saw the amazing sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, the expertly crafted and reimagined Assassin’s Creed: Origins, the perfect The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the insane PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) and if I have to carry on I probably won’t have any more space to write this article. So with that being said, here I am your psychotic reviewer, the infamous feeder of all those enemies in DOTA, JoK[ishl]er giving you a look at all the games that I’m looking forward to this year.

Okay, before I go on, I know we already coming to the end of February, and some games have already been released, and blah blah blah. Well bite me, I’m still going to put them on my list because I want to play them, go completely broke and review for all you lovely people out there.


Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Wallpaper

Let’s kick things off with a game that has just been released. Monster Hunter World is not a series I am familiar with, but when I saw the trailer for this game I almost lost my mind … no wait I’ve already lost my mind, oh you get the point!

In a fantasy setting, this RPG boasts an open world with a simple premise. Hunt down, kill/trap monsters that roam out there in the world, research these magnificent buggers, develop tools and weapons from them, rinse and repeat. Now don’t get me wrong, just because I said “rinse and repeat” does not mean that this is going to be a boring game. From the recent reviews and the gameplay videos all out there, I have yet to find a negative comment. And since Easter is around the corner, “God, let there be a sale so I can buy this game!”

Right now it is only available for PS4 and Xbox One gamers, but it seems to be coming to Windows soon in late 2018. So PC gamers, make sure those graphics units are up to date.


Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 Wallpaper

Next on this list let’s put down Ubisoft’s second favorite FPS series, Far Cry 5. Look I have played every Far Cry game since 2, don’t ask me about the first installment because my answer is going to be the same as when someone in my engineering class asks me, “What is going on?” The answer … “I don’t know.”

But taking a break from the island getaways and the made up places, Far Cry 5 is bringing things to a different more known area, Montana, USA. Now I’m not going to tell you all the things that the big boys like IGN have experienced while testing out the game, that would just ruin the surprise. If you really want to know, here’s the link:

But let me say this, I have never personally been a fan of FPS until I played Far Cry 3. I guess it was the excellent antagonist, Vaas that kept me intrigued but all in all it seems that Far Cry 5 is going to take away the whole linear storyline that it’s had in its predecessors and let the player decide how they want to complete the game. I will leave it at that, keep your eyes on this people, it seems quite promising.

Release Date: 27/03/2018


God of War

God of War Wallpaper

Oh yes, Kratos, you magnificent white and red, brutal, sword swinging, God-killing, barbaric killing machine. You heard our prayers and you are coming back to us and I see you’re bringing your son. Listen bro, I don’t want to tell you how to be a parent, but I don’t think you’re the greatest role model for a young child. But hey, still a big fan! PS please don’t kill me.

Yes, the famous God of War series is back, and Kratos now has a son and a kickass beard. No longer equipped with his Blades of Chaos, but the Leviathan Axe, which acts a lot like Mjolnir. The story follows Kratos in wild land, in the world of Norse gods with his son Atreus, while trying to be a good father and role model Kratos must suppress his known anger and take care against these new gods and his son must decide … be like dad, or be my own man.

Look let me be honest, if you don’t want to be like Kratos I’d seriously question your judgement and choices in life … then again I am a psychopath …

Release Date: 20/04/2018


Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Ok second last on this list I promise. While the world patiently waits for GTA VI, let Rockstar distract us with a sequel to one of the greatest games known to man, Red Dead Redemption. Although its name indicates a sequel, by no means is it. RDR 2 is somewhat of a prequel to RDR, playing as Arthur Morgan, an outlaw and member of John Marston’s old gang, the Van der Linde gang.

Once again set in the Wild West, the game looks to be as good, maybe even better than its predecessor. Boasting its wild open world and explicit detail, Rockstar may once again break sales records and set a new one that no one but themselves can beat. Yes, I am making this prediction because along with the generous single player campaign, RDR 2 is coming with a multiplayer game that will utilize that big open world to its full potential. With rumors of a possible battle royal gameplay coming in, although overplayed and over utilized in the past year, Rockstar have the potential to put all its competitors to shame.

Now I know there are a lot of you fanatics out there, like myself, are eagerly waiting for this game to drop and there are a lot of you who are boycotting the whole “pre-order” thing. Let me just say this, before you say no to pre-ordering, look at this developer. Till today, one pre-order I do NOT regret is GTA V. I say this because I am about to play that game’s single player campaign for the fifth time. Don’t judge me, I get bored easily. Also games are expensive and I don’t want to do my work.

But seriously people, keep your eyes peeled for news on this game, it is coming with high expectations and it should deliver. The release date may change but right now it’s coming late 2018.

Release Date: 26/10/2018



Spiderman Wallpaper

Okay people, last one on this list for me and it’s a big one. Developed only for PS4, (secretly getting ready to brag to the world), Insomniac Games in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment are releasing a Spider-Man game.

Now before I go into this, I know a lot of people are waiting for that epic Spider-Man game like Spider-Man 2, but let me just put this out there. The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were games that received decent reviews and I highly recommend giving it a try. I enjoyed it and I wouldn’t mind playing them again.

But back to the new one… Spidey is back and it seems that after being Spider-Man for 8 years and the protector of New York, he has recently taken down crime lord Wilson Fisk with a new group getting ready to take over. So basically your generic superhero storyline. But although storyline is important so is the gameplay, and this is what is making this game a must have for me.

Web swinging in the correct fashion, i.e. shooting your web onto a building and not straight into the sky and swinging like George of the Jungle, is back. Yes, probably one of the most nitty-gritty important dynamics of playing Spider-Man is the web swinging abilities, and the new game brags about how they have nailed this mechanic. Along with this, the player has the ability to traverse using parkour and the usual Spidey stuff like web crawling. The game is open world, and promises a great storyline, excellent gameplay and a game to remember. No date has been given for its release, but it is scheduled to come out soon.

Release Date: First half of 2018


Well everyone, that was my take on the games to look out for this year. Hopefully, I can get them and review these gems as soon as possible so that all of you can buy yourself a copy and enjoy it just as much as I have. That’s it for now, JoK[ishl]er is out, signing off, until next time … I’m going to go have a discussion with one of my other voices in my head. BYE NIBBLERS!!!


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