Art of war: Red tides was released on December 22, 2016. This followed the early but not well known Custom map in Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne called “castle fight” but a lot of gamers agree that it follows Starcraft 2’s custom game called Desert strike. Either way, this stand alone game holds a great competitive environment and is a lot of fun.

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There are three races in the game; Terran, Atlac and Yaoguai, allow you a ton of different options to compile a strategy in gaining the upper hand and destroy your opponent in epic fashion. Let’s not forget that out of game runes are attainable by victories or spending gold earned in games, helping you further your military tactics. Check out this rune Page !

Art of War: Red Tides Rune Page

This can be set up before entering a casual or ranked game, and they permanently give you an edge or advantage over your opponent. I.E. you can increase the General HP of your army by adding the rune to your active rune slot. This will increase your entire armies HP by a certain percent. These runes are scalable and can be upgraded by using gold earned in games (more if you win). A common strategy is to increase the movement speed, HP and then spawn about 25 Werewolves. This firstly allows you to push into the middle of the map and gain strategic control, while surrounding ranged enemies and hacking them. They are inexpensive and can be sold for 90% of their cost (a special ability of the Yaoguai).

Art of War: Red Tides Battle

There are about 3 different maps, all with the exact same concept… One man, one decision, one desire (Just Joking :P). One Lane, straight down the middle directly to the enemies command center. Each team has three turrets, the first being weak and the third being really strong and formidable , aka the Odin of towers. Once all three are destroyed, the command center becomes prone to damage and that is the objective of the game, to destroy the enemies command center, duuhhhh.

The maps have buildings in the middle, generally 6 or 8 small ones that are destructible. These destroyed buildings offer you either soul essence or gold depending on the map. Specific map’s require air units to attack buildings that are initially air bound/floating (pretty much like something out of Star Wars) and can provoke an entirely different approach to how you start the game off unit wise.

The two resources in this game are soul essence and gold. Soul essence automatically accumulates at a certain pace throughout the rounds, and increases throughout the game continuously. You are able to upgrade your units in the form of ranks, three times to be exact. The player needs to use these upgrades sparingly as there is a limit to how many upgrades you can get, i.e. don’t use them all on starting units because when the big boys come into play they will be standard and weak. #playing with the big boys now

Art of War: Red Tides Battle

Each race has a special ability; Terran has the ability to start with an already upgraded, rank 1 unit. This increases the initial cost but could play a pivotal role in taking early dominance of the center of the map to gain that early competitive advantage. Atlac (scarily similar to Protoss from SC) are shield based units that are strong in the late game, but weak if you don’t get a good start. Atlac have the transformation ability, allowing you to swap the units out for something that costs exactly the same amount of soul essence. Yaoguai allow for two selected units pregame to be sold for 90% of their used resources. They call this immolation.

Art of War: Red Tides Battle Preparation

Art of war encompasses various methods to keep you active and looking forward to the daily grind by using daily quest rewards and ranks to entice you. Their Quests run deep and there is an interesting unlock-able’s page as well, eg) “win 50 games with Atlac and gain 500 Gold coins”. These gold coins could then be used to unlock different units for each race. All three races give you the standard units to use from the beginning but allow you to unlock FAR MORE… This is the fun part for me. As if there wasn’t enough ways to gain an edge on your opponents already, Art of war added a command skills list, each race having their own special tactics. Terran gets nukes, missile strikes and many more, while Atlac has force fields and teleportation of your next wave. Yaoguai have mind control and Frenzy (amazing on Werewolves). These abilities cost gold in game to use, which you gain from killing enemy units.

This game is played on Casual or Ranked modes and can be played as 1v1 or 3v3 online. So there are tons of international players that you will get to destroy. Overall, this game keeps me going by forcing you to adapt and overcome, this is literally about countering your enemies. Baiting them in to deal with your air units by building anti-air and then crushing them by changing up your armies production into a predominantly land based attack. They will then change up and adapt to your attack and so forth creating the endless cycle on competitive RTS 😛 It becomes addictive and interesting from about the 5th game after getting to know what the general route is and how to play the game.

I would suggest this game to anyone, firstly because it’s free to play and secondly because it’s a lot of fun and I have many hours on this game so far and not even close to gaining all the units to play with. The sky is the limit and I am looking forward to amazing patch updates and the full release. The reason it’s not completely released yet is because they would like to launch the game officially when they are completely cross platform capable and activated.

Let us know what you thought of the Art of War: Red Tides game and review. We hope you get crushing and unlocking <3

Official rating: ★★★★☆ 8/10

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Steam Recent Review: Mixed (100)
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Summary: Get this game, its free, and enjoy the quick action packed rounds perfecting your builds.

Written by Chris “Scanky” Maritz