Nibble Esports could not be more excited than to announce our latest collaborative esports project. We, as the dedicated media partner, will be showcasing and providing visual media in promotion of the BlueZ Cup in partnership with Evolution. We want to bring this event directly to you… The SA gaming community.

We want to show the SA community what can be accomplished as a combined force in growing this unique industry, in this beautifully diverse country. With all matches live streamed/posted on the NiBBLE YouTube channel, join us as we get to see some of SA’s leading Dota 2 casting personalities taking part: Kaameel Chicktay “Kaameel” Sean Rihlamvu “Snare” Stuart Young “Cpt. von Blacke” AndrĂ© Lourens “2G1P” @Leon Crous Roode “SanTa”. We are really amped to be working with such a prestigious South African casting panel.

This cup will serve to offer amateur and upcoming teams with the opportunity to compete for a prize pool and be placed on live streaming platforms. We feel this is one step closer to offering the support structure for amateur teams to continue their potential for growth. We would like to thank KingsRebornNibble Esports RAMC, Tango For MidEvolution, F5gamingz, {I.R}Fear, RGBVapeLyf, Volvo Pressure, Flying Purple People Eaters, For the Boish, FINEST HOUR, Carpe Noctem and Underdogs for entering the tournament as they begin to showcase some amateur Dota 2 to the SA scene.
Nibble Esports have also included some of our sponsors and partners, without them we could not have even dreamed of making this a reality for these participants. So a major shout out to Sector 36 Technologies and Purple Thunder for making this happen.
Hope to see everyone joining us for some great #Dota2. Don’t forget to follow Nibble Esports BlueZ Cup Evolution as we update you on all our social media platforms. Check NiBBLE Events page and BlueZ Cup Website for more information/schedules. Hope we can start a trend for future collaboration and get other organisations involved in creating a national initiative to grow SA esports.