NiBBLE esports Comic Con Africa DGC qualifications and playoff results for 2018.

The VS Gaming Final Leg

The VS Gaming League has come to an end for 2018. Who would have thought it would have come so quickly when it just felt like we were wrapping up a successful year of esports in 2017. Regardless, we could not be more proud of all of our team’s and members performances. All the effort, hard work and strenuous hours have maintained our NiBBLE message and produced some amazing results. This last leg has proven to have had some tightly contested competition and it has been great to see so many teams fighting for those top spots. We hope that the SA competitive esports community continues to grow, inviting new talent and growth to our sport. Even amongst all this talent, the NiBBLE FAM held their ground and produced the results to qualify for the Comic-Con Africa DGC event.

The NiBBLE family wishes all the players the best of luck at DGC and we hope that you really enjoy the experience. Regardless, we will be supporting you all the way!

Comic Con Africa Festival Poster
Comic Con Africa

Comic-Con Africa is a 3-day event showcasing comic books, science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts. It is going to take place on the 14th to the 16th of September 2018 at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and International Convention Center. Don’t miss out on one of the most prestigious gaming events in the world, it is going to be pretty epic…

Premiership Division
Prem Vs Gaming League Game Title Team W/D/L Placements
League of Legends Puddles
3/0/4 4th (Qualified)
Rocket League Cubic 4/0/3 5th (Qualified)
Dota 2 Horde 3/0/3 (1F) 5th (Qualified)
Dota 2 Invicta 1/0/2 (4F) 7th (Qualified)

1st Division
  Game Title Team W/D/L Placement
Rocket League Salvaged
7/0/0 1st (Playoffs)
League of Legends Death Note 6/0/1 1st (Playoffs)
Dota 2 EGO 5/0/1 (1F) 2nd (Qualified)
Hearthstone Golgren 5/0/2 2nd (Qualified)
Hearthstone MiND_GAmE 5/0/2 3rd (Qualified)

Both NiBBLE Academy » Salvaged ProficiencyNiBBLE Academy » Death Note lost their respective playoff matches 3 – 0 and 2 – 0. Both these teams have worked exceptionally hard to have made the playoffs and we applaud them for their amazing performance in this year’s VS Gaming tournament. You guys can hold your heads up high for your 1st place placements in the first division and your representation of the NiBBLE family. We know you will make a huge comeback in the 2019 season!

2nd Division
Second Vs Gaming League   Game Title Team W/D/L Placement
Hearthstone Tranquilfern224 6/0/0 (1F) 1st (Playoffs)
CS:GO Conspire 6/0/1 2nd
CS:GO Harsh 3/0/4 5th

Very well done to our Hearthstone captain, Tranquilfern, for his amazing in-season performance and taking a playoff forfeit victory to qualify for DGC. We wish you the best of luck with our other 2 qualifying comrades, Golgren & MiND_GAmE. You guys will make the NiBBLE squad proud.

NiBBLE congratulate all our teams and players on their spectacular performance in the 4th leg of the DGL season. We are looking forward to the results from Comic-Con Africa. Please make sure to stay up to date with NiBBLE on our social media platforms for some upcoming news and boot camp events. Peace out.

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