I have played Far Cry 2 and dealt with malaria and jamming guns … I even played Far Cry 3, and dealt with Vaas and his psychotic rampage. I fought the stylish Pagan Min as Ajay Ghale and I even fought mammoths, sabretooth tigers and scary pre-historic animals in Far Cry Primal … but none of them … I repeat none of them scared me more than Far Cry 5’s main antagonist, Joseph Seed, or The Father. People I am absolutely insane … but this mother#$%@ has some serious issues. 

Wassup my Nibblers, JoK[ishl]er here coming at you with the latest game to wow the world in the past 2 weeks, Far Cry 5. Now, before we get into this, all I will say now, is that if the games this year are up to this standard … then empty your wallets people, because it will probably be one of the best years in gaming.

Far away from the old

Ubisoft’s latest sequel to the Far Cry series is without a doubt the best yet. Over the past few games, it was becoming very, very, very, very ….. zzzzzzzzzz …. Huh sorry I fell asleep talking about the same game just different story. Look, well done Ubisoft for reinventing Far Cry 5 in a way none of us expected.

Gone are the useless towers in order to reveal the map, gone are the generic missions and gone are the characters that miraculously learn how to take down warlord. Look I don’t know about you, but although I enjoyed playing every other Far Cry game, I didn’t like the fact that you were this civilian that picked up a gun and by the end of the game you were a complete badass. And for me, that is where Far Cry 5 gets its first bonus points. You play a deputy, who you can customize by the way (yes, Sims for the win) in any clothing that you want. Now when you’re fighting and kicking butts it makes sense, you have some sort of training that backs your abilities with the weapons. Look, I know that in previous games this led to building up the character, but you know what … bite me, this is my opinion.

Far Cry 5 Player Customisation

Next up you have the talents, now, as before the talents are earned by leveling up or taking over outposts and all that jazz, but in Far Cry 5, things are a little different. You complete challenges in order to earn “Perk Points” so that your Deputy can become even more epic. Again Ubisoft, well done … this new system allows players to seriously experience the game to its fullest, utilize every weapon and actually play the game in every single aspect.

Now the weapons …. Oh the sweet guns and flamethrowers and RPGs and bows and everything that makes things bloody and gory and makes these psychopaths suffer and …. Yeah yeah yeah people I know … I’m nuts. I get it! But yes the weapons can be customized with the accessories, skins and all that jazz. But what really takes the cake is that if you pick up a gun that you could not buy in a shop before, it immediately becomes unlocked. No more completing missions for the big guns, but rather going on a killing spree picking up every single weapon just to build up your arsenal.

Far Cry 5 Bow Weapon

Far king great story

You saw what I did there? Shhh, don’t tell anyone about that … Now what makes a great game? Graphics? Gameplay? Controls? Yes, but for me it’s the storyline. Yes people, I can say with absolute confidence that Far Cry 5 has without a doubt the best storyline of the series yet. Hope County, Montana has been run over by Joseph Seed’s demonic cult. Alongside his two brothers and sister, the Seed family is oppressing the County. It is up to you, Deputy to free your friends, build up the resistance and take back Hope County.

Far Cry 5 Seed Family Cult

Throughout your journey here you will encounter some of the wildest things ever, and I don’t mean the fact that you could be walking and see a car coming down the road and watching this moose charge it, and flip it over … yes that is how detailed this game is.

Another brilliant aspect of this game is the difficulty. As you begin to liberate the regions, the difficulty of the game scales with you. Building more resistance means the respective, or crazy cultist leaders, start sending out bigger and badder nutjobs to deal with. But hey, that’s completely fine with me, give me an LMG and “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!”

Far Cry 5 Montana County

Yes, people, you are hunted by cars, then helicopters and planes … it makes your heart rate skyrocket, nerves begin to kick in, knees weak, arms are ready, there’s vomit on his sweater, mom’s spha …. Wait this is a review not a rap concert. My bad people. With companions by your side, you feel the thrill and excitement of being hunted down like a turkey on thanksgiving.

Side note, don’t screw with the turkeys in this game, it’s like hitting a chicken in Skyrim, only guards won’t attack you … the freaking bird will. And he will kill you.

Far out there

Now let’s talk map size… Hope County is absolutely huge and quite beautiful and unlike previous Far Cry games, the minimap is gone from the HUD. Ubisoft really put emphasis on exploring the world in this game and they absolutely nailed it! You can walk, drive, fly, wingsuit across the map and discover outposts, hunting areas, fishing areas, loot areas and so much more.

You can drive a whole range of cars, which can be customized as well, and the best thing I have to admit, is the cool bobbleheads you can get in the car. And if you have Far Cry 4, you get this Pagan Min bobble-head and it is the cutest thing ever!

Far Cry 5 Customised Vehicle

Now I promise you, I think Michael Bay may be a developer for Ubisoft, because a lot of vehicles come with weapons, cars come with 50 cal machine gun turrets, planes with machine guns, bombs and rockets and so do the helicopters with their own flares to disrupt incoming rockets, and boats come with the 50 cal turret as well. So yeah, basically … BOOM!

Far too much chilling

Now, this is where Far Cry 5 gets fun. You don’t have to follow the storyline in order to progress. You can attempt whichever mission, whenever the hell you want. You can choose how and when you want to complete various missions and this is what gives this game a true definition of freedom. Yes, the storyline does continue, but you choose at what pace and when you want it to.

And if all of these missions aren’t doing it for you, go to the lake, take out your rod and fish. Yes, you can fish in this game, and it’s so much fun. Sitting by the lakeside, line cast out in the water, gunshots in the distance … you know … pure heaven. And if fishing doesn’t do it for you, grab a bow and arrow, or 50 cal sniper rifle, I’m not your mother and go hunting. Kill deer, moose, wolves, eagles, cultists, bears … you know the dangerous things in life. Far Cry 5 has enough things for you to do to keep you entertained, happy and playing this game for hours upon hours.

Far Cry 5 Fishing Spots

Not too Far from perfect

As great as games can be, there have to be some negatives to them. But now hear me out, some of you may not find this as a negative, but this thing really annoyed me. If you get captured and you escape, all your weapons are still with you. You wake up somewhere in the jungle equipped with all your weapons. Now if Ubisoft really wanted to put the nail in the coffin, they should have stripped the Deputy of all weapons after escaping, making the trip to the closest shop or allied stronghold a run for your life. Imagine running through trees, planes hunting you down, wildlife chasing and you have not a single weapon … that would have given this game the edge to beat a lot of games out there.

Far nel call

Far Cry 5 boasts a huge map, with plenty of activities to keep the gamers busy. The storyline is brilliant, the characters are well developed and Ubisoft have created one of their best games yet. They reinvented the series with a fresh take on gameplay and have absolutely nailed it paying close attention to details in the wildlife and surroundings. I have been hooked on this game since I got it and have not put it down since.

If everything above does not make you want to get it, I urge you, watch this clip on the first few minutes of Far Cry 5

All in all, I have to rate this game as one of my favourites, and I have to give a special shoutout to Unlocked.me for allowing me the chance to buy the game from them and play it as soon as it was released.

Nibblers, get this game … you will not regret it

Get it on Steam for R 849.00
Get it on PS Store for R 999.00

Steam All Reviews: Mostly Positive (13 317)

IGN: 8.9/10
Steam: 7/10
JoK[ishl]er: 9.2/10

Till next time Nibblers, stay sane and game hard … nutjob JoK[ishl]er is OUT!