With the FIFA World Cup just a couple days away, NiBBLE TV take a peek preview at EA FIFA18’s most recent playable game mode: The Russia FIFA World Cup.

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Designed by NiBBLE TV: Cameron “Camtjies” Muir

Wassup my Nibbler!! I hope you are all keeping warm in this winter time and if you’re reading this from anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere … enjoy the summer you lucky buggers! But I digress. The FIFA World Cup is literally days away, and if you are a football fanatic like me you cannot wait to watch the games, live and in HD only on SuperSport. Lol see what I did there? I don’t even get paid to say that … YO! Multichoice!!! I want some free shiz for these dope shoutouts! But sadly, the handsomely, sane and incredibly humble JoK[ishl]er here dropping the review of EA’s FIFA 18 most recent update bringing the World Cup 2018 as a playable game mode.

Ready for FIFA18 Russia?

Well done to EA, for bringing about a brilliant update and an epic game mode that brings to life the 12 stadiums that will be used in Russia and all 32 teams that have qualified. And not just that, the kits are updated to the most recent, the teams are comprised of all players that have been chosen prior to the update, regardless of injury (get well soon Lanzini) or even being dropped. But that is update 1.13, and 1.14 makes sure that you are always playing with the most updated teams chosen for the cup.

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Now don’t think because it was a 5 GB update (thank god I have uncapped at home) that EA is immediately going to give us massive gameplay updates and new mechanisms that may be coming in FIFA 19 … nope, sadly the mechanics and gameplay are exactly the same. But hey, saying you’re playing one FIFA title for the “ever-changing gameplay” is like going to a steakhouse and hoping to get a vegetarian meal … ain’t gonna happen buddy. But, the crowd seems more realistic, giving close-ups of the generic fans dawning their country’s colours during the entrance, the stadiums look immaculate and the players look ready to lift the gold.

RussiA, RussiB, or RussiC?

The update brings with it 3 new game modes. Generic Kick off where you choose one or more teams from the qualified 32, in their respective groups, get into your team management and start your way to glory … let’s go Germany!!!

You can create your own custom World Cup tournament, where you can play with some of EA’s licensed international teams and rewrite this upcoming World Cup with teams that sadly did not qualify such as Italy, USA, Netherlands and more.

Last game mode is for our online players and Ultimate Team fans, with FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team. This mode brings in new legends, a brand new chemistry system, the World Cup player pool, a bunch of new items that link to the real-world players and their performance and a few sub game modes. Now I am not a fan of the FIFA Ultimate Team game modes, but I’ve watched some hardcore gamers play it, and I have to say, it looks pretty damn awesome!

Final Results

While EA has put a tremendous amount of work into FIFA 18 through their constant updates, and bug fixes and minor improvements, this update seems to be the most adventurous yet. But I have to commend EA on pulling this off, as instead of buying a standalone FIFA World Cup 2018 game, incorporate it with the current game and refine it. The attention to detail on the stadiums, fans, and country kits are absolutely spectacular and from a visual perspective is damn near perfect.

While the gameplay still contains FIFA18 mechanics, there is nothing more to be added. The fact that EA has made sure that this World Cup mode will always have the correct team sheets gives gamers a chance at seeing how they will fare against the other teams.

FIFA18 Russia World Cup Squad & Results List

The new game mode is a brilliant move from EA and builds the hype more for the actual tournament, I was a little sad to see that the attention to detail put into the game mode did not shift into the other modes such as Player and Manager Career modes. Over there the kits are the old ones, the stadiums are not in Russia and the overall feel of the World Cup tournament in the Career modes lose its sparkle. But hey, baby steps right EA? You guys are moving in the right direction slowly.

With that said, I urge all FIFA fans and all gamers to give the new game mode a try … it’s fun, it’s addictive and depending on which team you choose, it may be accurate as well. Till next time Nibblers, stay warm, stay awesome, stay sane and game your asses off. The JoK[ishl]er is out!