I have just finished this game and I cannot find the words to write this review. Nibblers … I apologize if this review is not up to my normal, crazy standards … but I cannot express how urgent of a need it is to play this game. PS there are no spoilers. 

Nibblers, scrape every cent, do your bully’s homework or your crush’s … do whatever it takes to get a PS4 and this game, because this game was so spectacular, I will give you the rating right here… right now.

10/10 … no wait … 11/10 … wait … PERFECT … no god dammit … I cannot find the words to express or a relevant score to give this game because my mind is still absolutely blown.

Yes, Nibblers, JoK[ishl]er is back … and this is probably the greatest review I have ever written for the greatest game I have ever played … and I have played A LOT!

God of Which Religion?

He is the God of War. Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta is back sporting a sexy beard (#teambeard), a new weapon, the Leviathan Axe and a boy … I mean a son, but he calls Atreus boy so many times in the game, I thought I would do the same. I can’t pull it off can I?

God of War Kratos's Axe

With his shield on his arm, an axe better than Mjolnir, as it’s an axe that comes back to your hand … yes freaking awesome and his son Atreus with a bow and arrow. Kratos has moved to the land of Norse mythology. Odin’s realm, and sorry people, this is the real Odin, not the one Marvel portray in their movies. Following the events of God of War III, you embark on a journey of Kratos and Atreus exploring the 9 realms of the world growing with them, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. This game has without a doubt the BEST character development I have seen in my life.

With twists and turns, and sudden realization at the end of the storyline … I cannot and will not say any more about this game because I feel every person on this earth should experience this game.

God of Combat

Moving on to the minor things that make a game awesome … let’s talk about the gameplay. With an open world sandbox, God of War is an RPG game with the player controlling Kratos and commanding Atreus to fire when needed. You can customize Kratos with upgrades of armour, runes and improving his weapons. The game brings about a more personal feel to Kratos rather than the previous hack and slash vibe and destroying every single freaking God in the Greek mythology. Finding better armour and recipes, experiencing the nine realms anyway you would like, and solving intricate puzzles… This game is a true definition of an RPG.

God of War Combat

Now let’s firstly say that Tarantino has a little to learn from this game, so for all those little guys out there, we think its best if you could kindly move on to the next article as this is a PG16 article. Let’s talk weapons, the Leviathan Axe is the best … throwing it directly to a draugr’s face, freezing it a bit, recalling it and watching as the axe splits the enemy’s head open is just so damn satisfying. Having Atreus shoot arrows at a multitude of enemies to distract them, or even having him jump on their backs and holding them, while you charge up a heavy attack, dig your axe into their shoulder and decapitate the hell out of a dead guy… Santa Monica Studio nailed the combat of this game.

Don’t believe me? Here is a little gameplay footage of some combat leading to one of the boss battles.

God of Artwork

With a huge map, multiple hidden areas that must be revisited after achieving certain moments in the game, God of War allows players to view some of the most spectacular scenery ever seen in a game. With a boat that you can use to travel the Lake of the Nine Realms, the player has the chance to see all of the realm anyway and anytime they please.

God of War Lake of 9 Realms

Yes, there is a fast travel system, but let’s be honest … in this game … it is as useless as a cat fighting Kratos. You WANT to explore the world, killing everything you find, discovering new quests and bonding with Atreus. Listening to stories while rowing, finding out more history and truths behind the Norse Gods, Santa Monica studio have yet to put a flaw in this game.

God of Perfection

And no flaws are to be seen. I have to admit, the coolest thing about this game is that from the minute you select start a new game … you are in the game … you do not encounter a loading screen … unless you die. Santa Monica studios have a genius way of loading the world and the map for the continuation of the game. Take hints, game developers … this is how you make a game.

I find myself trying to find words for this review, and truthfully I am struggling. I’m pretty sure you can see, but if reading my other reviews and knowing me, and knowing I never am at a loss for words… it should be damn well clear how epic this game was.

Now back to this review … besides the action, the killing, the story, the gameplay … the music is absolutely phenomenal. And before the game was released, the soundtrack was released on Spotify … and now that Spotify is available in SA, people check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

God of Results

I cannot stress how much and how amazing this game was. From its character development to its story line, to every plot twist and fighting combat sequence … Santa Monica Studio’s God of War is the greatest game that has been released this year … and yes it is a valid Game of the Year contender. As I said it before … I cannot fault this game … nothing I want to change, only the fact that I wish I could erase my memory and play it again as if it was the first time.

Get it on PS Store for R 1 069.00

IGN: 10/10
Metacritic: 9.4/10
GamesRadar: 10/10
JoK[ishl]er: 10/10

Till next time … I don’t know when that is … I need to recover from the awe that this game has left me in… Jo[Kishl]er is out.