Whatsup to all our fellow NiBBLe community members !

NiBBLe eSports has some great news to announce. After a long and tedious completion of the February vote, NiBBLe eSports has finalised our T-Shirt and Mousepad designs. With several entries proving to rack up votes, the finalists relied entirely on the majority vote, in response to the current democratic trend #BetterThanUSElection. Each design had a month to prove its worth and fight for a top spot as the face of NiBBLe eSports.

With designs competing across the T-Shirt and Mousepad design categories, Brava and Apop emerged victorious. Competing amongst some great designers, Brava and Apop gained a  majority clan vote in an intense race for the winning design. Just a little incentive for Brava and Apop will see them receive all NiBBLe printed merchandise for free. Pleasantries Completed ! Lets have a look at the designs that emerged victorious from the February vote.

The eye catching, single shard dispersion shirt design by Brava proved to be a favourite amongst the voters, relating to many as an illustration of their shattered dreams. With a shoulder wrap and full shirt width design, fitted with a unique NiBBLe ‘N’ logo dispersion, this shirt will prove to be worthy to Chuck Norris himself. With black and white resonating through the design, the option of colour might be considered if we see a big enough demand ! So get emailing, tweeting, complaining and protesting to see your colour being added to the designs.

Next up is Apop with his creative and eye catching Mousepad design. Please comment below on whether you think Apop should be banned for vandalism… Besides that, Apop proved that majority of the clan are street rats. Now that thats out the way, and a law suit for defamation of character is on the way, back to Apop.

With many designs gunning for simplicity, Apop produced a gaze staggering paint splatter and NiBBLe eSports logo design. This mousepad introduces some much needed colour to the NiBBLe gaming attire and will be entirely customisable for any player. Customization of the mouse pad, paint splatter and NiBBLe logo colours allows a huge diversity of what each individual is able to do with this design.  Exact dimensions for the mousepads are still to be announced, but we are definitely looking at stretching a good 455mm x 370mm x 5mm for a comfortable half desk design.


Ohhhh nearly forgot for  those who are worrying. These are only the main designs for the shirts and mousepads. So… if you are still wanting to know if you can get your name on the shirt, post a comment below, so we can see the demand ! Shirt ordering starts from Monday (6th March till mid April). Please send an email to nibble.esports@gmail.com with your Full Name, gaming alias, desired colour choices for your goods, your T-Shirts size and the province you currently stay in. Once pricing has been finalised the admin will respond to you with further details on payment. We hope the clan enjoyed the February Vote and we cant wait to start seeing some live streams and images of some Prem Potatoes in NiBBLe eSports merchandise.

That wraps up the finalists and winning designs of the February Vote 2017. We hope to get alternative designs in future February vote competitions so keep up to date and have a look at the latest from NiBBLe eSports.

NiBBLet out !