We think it is about time that mobile gaming got their shot at joining in on the South African esports scene. NiBBLE esports would like to introduce you to our latest addition to our esporting family: VainGlory, PUBG and Fortnite on mobile. Not only does mobile gaming impact our daily lives, with your parents even taking their shot at it 😛 but this platform potentially outweighs any other gaming platform in terms of participation and accessibility, making Mobile a river of opportunity and expansion. 

With consistent data and media screeching toward mobile esports as the future of gaming, there is definitely a space for welcoming the new platform with open arms to the NiBBLE gaming family. Over at NiBBLE, we are excited to be able to contribute to the South African scene and begin our recruitment and administrative development for mobile esports. PS I am very aware that the PC master race out there aren’t taking the mobile esports scene all that seriously :O WHAT…HOW DARE YOU ASSUME MY AGENDA! But jokes aside, we want to prove its importance, not only from the already established statistics on mobile esports but show the competitive nature of mobile which has emerged through the introduction of mobile platforms (Nintendo Switch, Razer and ASUS gaming phone) and game developers who seek the challenge of porting competitive ready PC esport game titles to the mobile platform. As you may know, PUBG, Fortnite, and VainGlory have been finding major success on the mobile platform. Its even gone as far as the World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) and Electronic Sports League (ESL) announcing their official mobile leagues for the VainGlory competitive game title. With that said you can find an abundance of articles and releases on the potential of this esporting platform.

As always, NiBBLE thank you for your continued support in joining to contribute and build SA esports piece by piece. NiBBLE is always looking for dedicated members who are willing to commit, compete and aspire towards becoming professional esporting athletes. Just send through an application and we will get back to you. We look forward to this opportunity and are excited to meet you.

Peace out FAM