Hey fellow Gamers and followers !

Cant believe that NiBBLe is one year old and getting ready for our 2nd major 1 vs 1 NiBBLe eSports competition in both CS GO and Dota 2. All the NiBBLe eSports members will have their shot to be crowned the NiBBLe eSports 1 vs 1 champion for 2017. With awesome prizes up for grabs, proudly sponsored by Husaria Industries, we are in for a very competitive atmosphere this next week.

The event will run from the 31st July – 6th August, with the tournament running a swiss style of 3 rounds, with the top 16 players going through to the Quarter finals. To add a little more pressure, all the quarter finals, semi finals and finals will be live streamed by NiBBLe TV.

Want to know what prizes you can get ? Well, Husaria Industries were pretty keen on making this event worth while. For the CS GO pistol 1 vs 1 competition, we will see a sizzling prize that will water your taste buds. The Factory new Kumicho Dragon will be reserved for the king of the hill, with a 2nd place receiving some of the jackpot from the R 5.00 skin entries from each player. We will even drastically increase some tension by allowing finalists to decide on a winner takes all format, which will leave people clenching till the last round. With such an awesome prize for CS GO, we cant forget to impress the Dota fans !  The Dota fans and competitors will have their shot at the Immortal QOP Genuine Blood Feathers for first place and OD’s Immortal Genuine Shards of Exile staff for the runner up. From these prizes we expect to see great plays and intense, passionate play styles shinning through amongst the players.


NiBBLe eSports would also like to welcome our new sponsor for the 1 vs 1 event, the PiShop, who have provided us with the funds to host the servers for the 1 vs 1 CS GO competitions. With this funding we hope to open some of NiBBLe eSports first public 1 vs 1 game servers. These will go online directly after the event and will prove to be a great addition to the South African CS GO community, where all players will be welcomed into the NiBBLe gamesphere. PS, check out the PiShop for some awesome loot and gadgets that could tweak your interest.

With this event we hope to bring all our members closer into the NiBBLe family and bring about a super competitive scene while still bolstering the sportmanship and friendships we have within NiBBLe eSports. This is both an exciting event for all the contestants, casters and NiBBLe family as a whole. This event could not have been possible without the unconditional enthusiasm shown by our members and the total support given by Husaria Industries and the PiShop.


Hope to see everyone coming through to support the players and make this event our annual highlight. Best of luck to all the competitors and dont forget to register and read all the fine print xD at the links below.

CS GO Registration
Dota Registration

NiBBLe admin out !