Over the past weekend, NiBBLE Esports at Rush Expo 2018 hosted two very successful mobile game tournaments for VainGlory and Hearthstone.

The Venue

The venue for the Rush Expo 2018 was situated at Sun Arena, Time Square. It was the perfect match for the style of the event. It provided enough space for the different staging and seating areas. 
As you arrive, there is an exhilarating vibe with commentators hyping up the crowd with the awesome plays from the different participating teams. The dark yet illuminating bright lighting and the catchy soundtracks really allowed for a thrilling atmosphere which was exactly how the participants were feeling.

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Gaming Division

The venue allowed for three main stages which consisted of FIFA18, CS:GO and Fortnite. There were also five sub-areas dedicated to DOTA 2, Quake, Dragonball FighterZ, GranTurismo and our competitive mobile division which consisted of VainGlory and Hearthstone. Every gaming divisions’ commentators did a fantastic job at keeping the spectators on the edge of their seats. The commentators were exciting and enthusiastic which really kept the spectators interested and amazed.

Vain Glory Family friendly
NiBBLE Esports competitive mobile gaming tournaments

This year, NiBBLE Esports at Rush Expo 2018 was fortunate enough to have been given an opportunity to host two competitive mobile gaming tournaments, namely, VainGlory and Hearthstone. We hosted the tournaments specifically for mobile gamers as mobile gaming is becoming more popular and we also wanted to introduce the competitive side of the mobile gaming into the South African Esports community.
We were lucky enough to get MAJOR prize sponsors from Super Evil MegaCorp for our VainGlory tournament and Apex Interactive SA for our Hearthstone tournament.

The results for our NiBBLE mobile games are as follows:


1st Lifeless Souls
2nd Master Of Destruktion
3rd Deadric Warriors


1st Fibo#2318
2nd Pand3m0nia#2794
3rd MDK#29791
4th DDEVIL#22543
5th ViViD#2709
6th Ethic#2493
7th MiNDGAmE#2466
8th GrazE#21366
9th Tjoeftjaf#2193
10th Joronamo#2665
11th NoScope#2589
12th Cabba#1144
13th Spike#23960
14th Shadow#2502
15th Frana#2868
16th YsterVark#21314

We also had our very own FIFA18 players that participated in the Rush FIFA18 tournament.

The results of our FIFA18 players are as follows:
Vic Grand Final last 8
Neemo Grand Final last 32
Nino Heat 8 quarterfinals
Ubaid Heat 7 quarterfinals
Obie Heat 4 quarterfinals

Red keyboards
Overall, NiBBLE Esports at Rush Expo 2018 was a success and we look forward to seeing you all again next year at the Rush Expo 2019.