The first NiBBLe eSports inter clan competition held some exciting match ups against the three competing teams. NiBBLe § Knock Out (KO), NiBBLe § D.T.Y.M and NiBBLe § Legacy were all competing to be crowned the 2016 CS GO NiBBLe eSports champions. The first match up was a tough one where KO came through with a very strong victory of 2 – 0 against D.T.Y.M, pushing D.T.Y.M down into the loser bracket. KO continued their rain of terror after defeating Legacy 2 – 1 in the winners bracket. This left Legacy and D.T.Y.M fighting it out for a position in the final against KO. Legacy powered their way through toward the final, beating D.T.Y.M 2 – 0. Although it may have been the end of the tournament for D.T.Y.M, remarkable plays had been noted and we all know that the team prepares for their revenge in the upcoming 1 vs 1 competition and the 2017 CS GO competition.

The final of the 2016 NiBBLe eSports inter clan competition was welcomed with Knock Out facing off against Legacy. This would prove to be a very intense match up after the semi final winners bracket match up, where Knock Out had a decisive 2 – 1 win over Legacy. The match up was off to an intense start with Legacy holding a 2 vs 1 player advantage on the knife round to clench the win and map veto. With an interesting first ban on Cache, one of KO stronger maps, KO vetoed for a ban on train. Interestingly Legacy selected Cobblestone. KO’s selection of Overpass was even more surprising (This was the single map Legacy had won against KO in the previous match). Perhaps KO saw this as a challenge to regain the title of Overpass.

Knock Out began the infamous team map of Cobblestone with a T side pick, hoping to grab some decisive rounds that would leave Legacy at a huge disadvantage. Knock Out showed dominance for the first 2 rounds with great pistol precision and fast pushes onto the USP held B site. The advantage was short lived when Legacy responded with a strong forward defensive on the B site. The utility held on drop and platform made it a lot harder for aggressive pushes from KO. KO was forced to spread out across the map and attack the A long and mid. This again placed Legacy on the back foot, with KO leading 5 – 2. With constant aim battles across sites, both teams found themselves trading kills across A and B with KO ending the half having a 8 – 7 lead. The first half outcome may have been disappointing for KO, having been on the stronger T side. This did not dampen the KO defensive hold as KO answered with a very strong pistol round and a fast B rotation. With constant drop and platform aggression Legacy countered with an array of attacks clenching 7 rounds in a row. Legacy found themselves settling into a winning formula before KO managed to sneak in three rounds in attempt to counter act the aggressive T utility. This match saw ||KO|| Dagger getting great frags amounting to a huge 27 kills while Legacy § Ord dampened the KO morale with an insane 35 bomb. The map saw some amazing last few rounds with Legacy taking the map at 16 – 12.

The next map sparked a new atmosphere with teams having to both clear their minds of the cobble stone performance and prepare for the overpass onslaught. Legacy came into the map expecting a solid win over KO after the previous semi-final performance, while KO felt obliged to RIP Legacies dream of keeping overpass as their stronger map. The map began as a knife round on long A with KO cleverly pairing off and dominating the split Legacy attack. KO opted for a solid CT start in attempt to crush the offensive T attack and gain a substantial morale advantage over Legacy for the second half. Again KO showed resilience in restraining the Legacy attack and took 2 pistol rounds. Legacy found the opportunity to then win a pistol round damaging the KO economy for the 4th round buy. This set back cost 4 rounds, giving Legacy the edge they wanted having the lead at 4 – 2. KO did not allow this and tied the rounds at 4 – 4, before Legacy began to accelerate their efforts in attacking the mid and long positions, taking control of the A site on several occasions. Legacy found themselves taking another 6 rounds where KO’s extremely strong hold of the B site unfortunately lead to the decrease in long control. The first half ended with an obstacle of 10 – 5 to Legacy. Legacy continued with their morale, dominating the first two rounds of the CT side, but with this 12 – 5 lead, KO took the 3rd round to damage the Legacy eco. Could this have been the break for KO, similarly to that which Legacy had found during the first half eco round ? It was not to be as Legacy found their rhythm to clench another 2 rounds, furthering their lead to 14 – 6. Legacy § WormBear and Legacy § Ord showed dominance in their display of skill taking 28 and 25 frags respectively, but closely followed by ||KO|| Dagger who again seemed to perform and top frag for his team. KO then managed to find a solid 3 rounds in attempt to break the Legacy defensive. But with a gap too large to fill, Legacy found the 15th round to take the morale boost and play for the finish. KO pushed with a cheeky round win before Legacy continued to win the match and take the series 2 – 0.

This definitely proved to be a largely exciting match up with great moments and frags to define the skill level of this competition. These teams competed and played their hearts out, but in the end there was a single team to emerge victorius. Well done to NiBBLe § Legacy on their strong finish to be crowned the 2016 champions ! But now the pressure is on Legacy to retain the title in the 2017 championships, where NiBBLe eSports could be seeing a lot larger team base competing for the 2017 crown. Well done to all the competing teams in performing so well. We would like to thank NiBBLe § Dagger, NiBBLe § Brava and NiBBLe § PolishMafia for their effort in setting up the games and competing with all their heart and energy. We would like to thank Husaria Industries for their sponsorship of the great NiBBLe eSports 128 tick CS GO server which proved to be an amazing addition to the NiBBLe eSports inter Clan competition. We hope to see the future of this competition grow with the prospect of insane prizes up for grabs in the 2017 championship. Best of luck for the DGL year and continue to wreck hard.

This NiBBLet is out !