Welcome back ! We got some awesome news that brings NiBBLe eSports closer to more of the South African gaming community. NiBBLe is proud to announce our newest PS4 console division, who will be taking part in the 2018 season. Its been an awesome 2017 for NiBBLe and we have really made a mark on the eSports community in our first year of operation. We definitely have a lot to prove next year and have a lot of plans on our list to further bring NiBBLe to SA Gaming. So how do we plan on taking our success into the 2018 season ? Well besides refining and constantly improving our PC division and public marketing, NiBBLe eSports has had our eye on the Console gaming community for quite some time. There is definitely a lot of untapped potential in South Africa for console eSports and we feel that this will be our first step to enhancing this talent and bringing it to the competitive South African gaming scene. Console gamers have a lot to prove to the community and NiBBLe eSports will be their support to reaching these ambitions.
With that said, we would like to introduce you to our new console Call of Duty World War 2 and FIFA 18 divisions. These teams are coming in with a lot of skill and dedication towards South African eSports and we are sure to get some good results from our newest family members. Keep an eye out for these guys and join in on expanding the SA eSports scene. We are currently holding trials for the FIFA 18 title. With some nerves going into the trials, we will see the tournament seedings placing our newest members into set teams going forward into the VS Gaming, ACGL and Orena 2018 Seasons.  Stay up to date and come and support the guys on our social media platforms. Thank you to all our members and fans on making 2017 a successful year. See you in 2018 !