NiBBLe eSports is proud to announce that our teams, NiBBLe CS GO and NiBBLe Invicta, have qualified for the DGC CSGO and Dota 2 competitions at Rage Expo 2017.

This is a major achievement by both teams, having qualified based on the seed placements from leg 4 of the VS Gaming CSGO and Dota 2 leagues. Our teams will be playing off for the title and prize of DGC winners 2017, where they will face off against some of South Africa’s top competitive teams. This will surely prove to be a challenge for our teams, but will allow NiBBLe eSports to show that we have what it takes to compete at the DGC ! Watch our teams in action and keep up to date with the NiBBLe Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for live results straight from Rage over the 6th – 8th October.

So who exactly will be representing NiBBLe eSportsĀ 

NiBBLe CS:GO (Left to Right – Image Above)

Tim “dece1t!” Thornton – IGL
Tyron “zhomz” Craig – Awp
Devon “Dev” Boucher – Rifler
Danny “dee_Rad” Raducanu – Entry Fragger
Tyler “Hugo” Hugo – Support Rifler

NiBBLe Invicta (Left to Right – Image Above)

Daniel “Sagax” King – Mid
Jason “Equilibrium” De Araujo – Carry
Ivan “MiND_GAmE” Kitching – Offlane
Dagan “BalterPro” Bester – Support
Yoachim “Yoachim” Nair – Support

So How will these teams prepare for RAGE DGC 2017

Well besides the endless hours of practice that each team has already committed towards, these teams will be attending a bootcamp in preparation for the DGC event. Further details will be released about the bootcamp session, but these players will get their fair share of working together and strategising to becoming the champions at the Rage DGC.

NiBBLe eSports wishes our teams the best of luck for the event, we know we will come out proud having made an event as prestigious as DGC. To all our supporters, make sure you follow us on our social media accounts to check out all the latest news and updates on our teams and we thank you for your ongoing support.

Admin Out !