NiBBLe eSports is back with some amazing weekend results to spark off the final month of 2017. The SA eSports community saw NiBBLe taking some major titles across different gaming categories. Each tournament saw some insane plays and has ignited NiBBLe’s rise for the 2018 season. With our teams in full competitive mode, in preparation for 2018, these results are evident of our success in preseason training. As an admin of NiBBLe eSports we could not be more proud of our members in the field, representing and playing for the NiBBLe family. From NiBBLe to all our members. WE GOT YOUR BACK !

Finding Neemo … in 1st place

One of our newest family members, Naeem “Neemo666” Lambat, got to work in show-casing some of his skills in the realm of FIFA18. He did not disappoint… Neemo pulled off a major victory in the Metro Home City FIFA18 tournament held in Pretoria. Neemo did not only win all of his games on the Saturday event day, but managed to find himself paired up against VS Gaming’s top ranked player, Zuhair Ebrahim. It was an intense match-up for both players, but Neemo took the match with a 5 – 3 aggregate score, dethroning the king at the major event on Sunday (3rd December). This gave Neemo the opportunity to strike gold in the final against Ameer Karodia. Neemo made sure that he would not go down easily having taking a solid win in the semi-final. The final did not prove any easier and went through to extra time, with Neemo pushing through with a 3 – 2 win to take the championship.
Naeem managed to walk away with an epic prize of a PS4, PS4 controller, FIFA18 game copy and a Gran Turismo Hamper (Pretty damn amazing if you tell me :o) . Well done to Naeem Lambat ! You are definitely an inspiration to all the members of NiBBLe and we expect that you will have a bright future leading our teams in the FIFA 2018 VS Gaming championships. Neemo has also recently found himself competing in the 1st of the NiBBLe eSports FIFA18 trials, taking 2nd place in the Group A tournament against the infamous Ubaid. This will definitely be a brotherly rivalry emerging. NiBBLe cannot comprehend the talent of both these players and are super amped to see what the pair can produce going forward into the 2018 season. Well played to Naeem and a huge thumbs up from your boys back at NiBBLE !

Left to Right: Zuhair Ebrahim (3rd Place), Naeem “Neemo” Lambat (1st Place), Ameer Karodia (2nd Place)


NiBBLe Horde could not have made the NiBBLe family any more patriotic with their performance in the Mega8 Pro 16 League. This was an event that took a lot more than just individual skill to compete. The road to qualification was a very heavy one and Horde did us proud to have qualified and competed within such a prestigious event.
The event saw the likes of White Rabbit Gaming, Sinister5, Energy Esports and Bravado Gaming taking their positions as top dawgs on the leaderboard. It was a major learning curve for the NiBBLe team but we managed to throw not just a few, but many curve balls that caught the top tier teams off guard. Unfortunately, we were bested by some of South Africa’s best and we can walk away smiling with our performances. With Horde having qualified for the Orena Masters division, to be held in January of 2018, the team look forward to taking their enthusiasm and experience and applying it in attempt to take their first SA Dota 2 major.
Horde has continued to be a mentor to the NiBBLe dota 2 community and are the seniors and foundation to our growing family. These guys definitely have the synergy and attitude to be one of South Africa’s top tier, favourite teams. Keep it up guys and we will be right there supporting, every step of the way to the top. Having watched all their Mega8 matches, one could have not asked for more excitement and pride in the NiBBLe banner.

Cold Fusion LAN: a HOT one for NiBBLe Invicta

We should probably throw in a “MAN’s NOT HOT” line in here, but I am pretty sure you have heard it enough by now ! To continue on the NiBBLe eSports Dota 2 spree, we bring you NiBBLe Invicta who simply cant stop winning awards at the Cold Fusion LAN event. We saw these fine lads take awesome prizes and titles at the November Cold Fusion LAN and could not disappoint with the December LAN.
The final awards ceremony saw 3 awards being awarded to Invicta. Jason “Equilibrium” de Araujo took player of the year in Call of Duty, pssshhhhh, Dota 2 player they said. Yoachim “YoFactor” Nair took the award for the player of the year in Dota 2, it was probably because of the hair <3 and Ivan “Mind Game” Kitching with a big finish, receiving the overall gamer of the year award for 2017. These guys continue to excel and really bring home the vibes that keep NiBBLe eSports as a home and the place to be. Invicta have really proven to be staunch NiBBLe supporters, and we have become proud supporters of Invicta. We see a bright future for this team and cannot compliment them anymore for the love they bring to the clan. These guys are definitely a team to support and keep your eye on going into the 2018 season.

Nothing like a little First Person Shooter in the Mix

NiBBLe Patrinus were also in action this past weekend and really showed their skill as a Cape Town based Counter Strike Global Offensive squad. The team attended the December GAC LAN and competed in the CS GO tournament with a final 2nd place finish. The final saw a heavy match-up against an OP mix, including White Rabbit Gaming’s, “Puffy“, who managed a huge carry session for his team, who definitely could equally hold their own.
Although Patrinus found themselves falling short in the final, they did not disappoint having taken out major teams along the way and showed their skill and synergy as one of NiBBLe’s top CS GO teams. We obviously could not forget the main attention seeker in the team, our little German, “Ord”. Having been an ex-player to NiBBLe’s top tier CS GO eSports team, Ord brought together a team of unique individuals and has shown his experience on how to play some CS, as he would call it, “With Some European Strats”. It seems to have really paid off and Patrinus have accelerated from 0 – 100 in a couple of weeks under the captaincy of Ord. With the team made up of some experienced players, having competed in the VS Gaming League, this team is one that nobody can write off. They demand an exciting match-up to any team they face and we are so stoked to see the future of NiBBLe Patrinus.
So that brings an end to the NiBBLe eSports achievements for November/December 2017. This was a major occasion for NiBBLe and has really shown the community talent within our family. We are looking forward to what the future holds for all our teams, but without a doubt, predict great things from the entire NiBBLe organisation. We expect a lot from the lads and gals in 2018 but equally encourage every decision they make. NiBBLe eSports would not be a name without our players and fans so we only have you to thank for the love and support ! Keep the energy high and we hope that everyone has an amazing festive season. This is definitely not the last time you hear of us in 2017.
Peace out
NiBBLe admin team