Hey Squad <3

Firstly, NiBBLe TV is happy to be back in action with some latest NiBBLe news and tech reviews coming your way soon ! Secondly, we would like to blame the admin for not getting our news to all our readers on time, GG WP scrubs ;P.

NiBBLe is proud to announce our first event to mark off the Winter #Winteriscoming  holidays (for some). NiBBLe will be running a week long “Games Week”, where we encourage all our members to fun games nights with a great lineup of assorted game genres. How is this different from normal game night you may ask ? Well there isn’t really any difference, but creating a games week to enjoy alternative titles with some friends and new comers sounds pretty awesome to me. PLus, this will give you the chance to play some of those alternative titles that just seem to be collecting too much dust in our steam libraries. So with that said the Games Week will be running from the 26th June – 2nd July. The NiBBLe eSports teamspeak server – sponsored by Husaria Industries will also have some dedicated channels for the social hub of the event, so join the server and meet some peepz.

Teamspeak Server Address: ts2.utinni.co:10133

We can see some game titles like: Dead by Daylight, Northgard, Payday 2, The Forest, GTA 5, Rust, Ark Survival and Player Unknown Battlegrounds. So get your steam libraries installed and up to date for some awesome interactive, and chilled out games week with NiBBLe eSports.

PS :] Maybe there will be a suprise for the guys who put the time in during the games week, hint hint, nudge nudge.

NiBBLe Admin Out ! <3