So not only have we seen NiBBLe eSports making some epic plays online, our NiBBLe Invicta Dota 2 boys have been out jamming at some local LAN events. We saw NiBBLe Invicta bringing in some awesome achievements from the Cold Fusion LAN held over the 3rd – 5th November. This has always been a great hub for NiBBLe Invicta’s gathering and have seen them take part in most of Cold Fusion’s LAN events. The LAN saw the likes of Gamer’s Gadgets, Sades and Copper Fibre Africa joining in to make this event a success. Hosted in Kempton Park, Gauteng, this event sure gives local gamers the chance to break away and enjoy some social gaming. We would like to congratulate NiBBLe Invicta for taking a 1st place finish in the November CFL Dota 2 Finals and to Invicta player, Jason “Equilibrium” De Araujo, for taking another 1st place finish in the November CFL COD. These guys definitely made NiBBLe eSports and their involved sponsor Gamers Gadgets and Sades proud. We really hope to see them at the December Cold Fusion LAN event representing us again. Well done boys !

NiBBLe Invicta player, Jason “Equilibrium” De Araujo, taking a 1lefte finish in the November COD CFL at Cold Fusion LAN