NiBBLE esports is proud to announce that our FAM over at NiBBLE » Horde are now officially sponsored by MSi Gaming. Horde have been a passionate and committed team for quite some time now, competing and persevering together as a synergised unit since 2016. They have proven their commitment and skill as professional esports athletes and have set their goal to becoming a top contender in Dota 2 South African esports. We hope that one day we can accomplish our goal and continue to expand into the Dota 2 international scene, with MSi etching us closer to reaching this dream. We would like to thank MSi for this opportunity and for giving Horde their backing and support for 2018.

Each member from NiBBLE Horde have received some awesome gaming kits from MSi, including the GK-701 Cherry MX mechanical gaming keyboard, Immerse GH70 gaming headset, DS300 gaming mouse and a black MSi moisture managed gaming shirt. These kits will provide the team with the means to showcase the MSi brand boosting Horde’s professional approach to esports as well as providing the means to support their gaming with some of MSi’s specialised hardware. This is only the beginning of the Horde and MSi partnership and we plan to take the relationship between sponsor and team to the next level, by inviting and integrating them into our community. Welcome to the family MSi !

Some of NiBBLE Horde’s Achievements

  • WESG Southern African Qualifier || Top 8
  • Mega8 Pro 16 League 2017 || 11th – 12th Position
  • Orena Masters LAN Qualification || Qualified
  • Orena Online Champions Ladder 2017 || 4th Place
  • VS Gaming Master’s LAN 2017 Qualification Play-offs || Semi-finals
  • Toornament Rebellion Cup 2017 || Semi-finals
  • VS Gaming 1st Division Leg 3 League 2017 || 5th Position
  • VS Gaming 1st Division Leg 4 League 2017 || 6th Position
  • VS Gaming 2018 League Qualifier || 2nd Division Qualification

NiBBLE would like to thank all our community members, fans, esports community and sponsors for the continued support and encouragement which has allowed us to obtain this sponsorship and grow as a team. Without you we would be another skilled team trying to make our way, but with your backing, has given us a place and purpose to compete and do what we love most. Thank you.