NiBBLE esports is proud to announce the launch of our Hearthstone division on both PC and mobile platforms. 

Many of you may know that NiBBLE recently hosted a successful activation at this years Arnold Classic Africa event. We showcased a LAN environment and put on a Hearthstone demonstrative workshop for all our visitors.

Arnold Classic Africa Fortnite Image

The Hearthstone demonstration allowed visitors to learn the basics of Hearthstone, taught by some of the top Hearthstone SA players. Big thank you to Dale Pon, Kenneth Gamble, Greg Levings, Tina Wong and Jay van der Berg for making this a huge success. We really did see the potential of Hearthstone in bridging the gap between newly introduced gamers and top-tier competitive esports. Hearthstone is also a great example for educating the public on competitive esports as well as offering a relatively cheaper barrier for entry on mobile devices while still offering cross-platform functionality. We feel that Hearthstone has great opportunity in expanding the profile of esports within South African and is something NiBBLE really want to bring to the community. We hope to stimulate the growth and potential of the SA player base to educate and build a foundation to grass root development of our sport. We have great minds running the Hearthstone scene and I do not doubt the success of this community in growing top SA players competing internationally.

Arnold Classic Africa Hearthstone

MSi also pulled through and had some of their beast notebooks available for the visitors to try out some Hearthstone and Fortnite. Thank you to MSi for making this opportunity a major success.

Arnold Classic Africa Fortnite

Make sure to click on the Fireside Gathering Banner below to check out the upcoming Hearthstone competition hosted at The Nexus AWX.