NiBBLE: It’s a way of thinking

What are your core values? There is always an interesting point within the brand life cycle where one must decide on what your brand, at its core, means to you. The NiBBLE rebrand did just that. Not only did it provide the opportunity to visually unify our brand but also to determine the fundamental values of NiBBLE. This brought us to the realization that NiBBLE was more than just an esporting community. We are an embodiment of individuals, cultures, and ideas merging together to form as a springboard for South African esports. We also understood that our role needed to become that of an influencer in ambitiously pushing for future sustainability and growth of the overall industry. Thus, we came to the conclusion that NiBBLE has always been a WAY OF THINKING.

We had to be different within the local esports scene, taking a fresh approach with a fun personality and influential twist. By influencing the community we allow individuals to make their own decisions, leading to that much-needed change in rooted societal ideologies and gamer lifestyles. We are always adapting to better understand our role and potential in the SA ecosystem so that we can continue to set trends for the future.

As activists of educational development, we seek to bring esports to the general public through the gamification of education. By actively pairing esports and tech orientated skills development, we can aid in growing a sustainable, all-inclusive framework for South African esports and people. Esports offers an opportunity for growth, ideation, and mentorship. Additionally, being proudly South African means acknowledging your role in our very unique society, adapting, and contributing to the development of the next eAfrican (electronic African).

NiBBLE esports 'Taste of Africa' Wallpaper
Taste of Africa

What does it mean to be an eAfrican

I have been thinking about the word eAfrican and what it means to me. Africa combines culture, philosophy, spirituality, and design unseen by the world as we know it. With this brings a refreshing take on the world around us and especially in a newly emergent digital African space. Every day we see connectivity made available to new parts of Africa, creating a global network of merged cultures. An eAfrican values community and is always in contact with diversity. They are able to draw from that diversity and create something from it. What do you think an eAfrican means?

Bringing nature into esports

The rapid changes in the climate pose a serious threat to our generations futures. We need to do our part in raising awareness.

NiBBLE seek to bridge the public stigma of online ‘gamers’ as we bring an ‘organic’ natural feel to our branding, offering a fresh breath of life into our passion as an organization. Plus, nature is pretty amazing and something everyone can feel a sense of experience from.

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