1. Players with low ping will be prioritised and matched closer to their similar ping rates.
  2. There will be a maximum ping limit eventually for smoothness and quality of game.
  3. New island map which will be 4km x 4km, allowing for a fast paced killing frenzy type of game style.
  4. New 8km x 8km map releasing soon. This shows Bluehole’s Commitment to offering more and more to keep up with the ever growing and competitive Battle Royale game modes.
  5. New Emotes/actions that are accessible through the mouse scroll wheel.
  6. New game modes. Not a ton of info given on this but exciting nonetheless!
  7. Parachute and weapon skins. I guess this is there to allow for customization and to keep up with the steam market (CS:GO and DOTA 2 coin it from these customisable sectors).
  8. Achievements in game and a proper friends list. FINALLY with regards to the friends list!!
  9. In-game menu/UI voice chat for easier organisation between friends.
  10. Limb and vehicle penetration to better identify where you got shot from making the game more realistic.
  11. Stability and security, No info on this has yet been released but happy that they are working on it.

PUBG Roadmap 2018
PUBG has sold over 30 million copies, showing you this is not a fly by night venture. We will see this either take over esports competitions very soon or at least become a huge player in the industry. Watch for courses on how to become a professional PUBG player to earn good money.
PUBG End Game Circles
A few problems I have personally experienced during my time on PUBG is sheer size of the game and consistent updates. Similar to Ark, the game creators wake up one day and say, “Hey, you know what? I’m going to release a patch today that is 60% of the entire original game size, and it’s going to entail a new aeroplane sound). This is both insane and impractical. We are now faced with another situation, similarly to Ark, where people have run out of HDD space. Especially when most of today’s games are over 30 gigs each. Are they trying to make us play only one game? I have hardly ever lagged out of the game, which is a positive. I have experienced one or two cheaters since playing PUBG, and that is an acceptable ratio or number for me right now, considering how long I have played. The UI was terrible for the longest time but now has had work done so slight, consistent progress is good progress.

With 30 guns and 38 Attachments alone, PUBG is highly customizable and you can create your own favourite combinations. You can put scopes on SMG’s and tap-shoot at great distance, or swap out the scope for a red dot and spray people closer to you for close-quarters combat, the world is your oyster. 3 different helmets, vests and backpacks, allowing for increased armour or carry space is vital in your survival. A vest will allow you to take one or two more shots before inflicting serious damage to your player, and healing items such as Med-kits, First-aids, Pain killers, Energy drinks and bandages help you recover much needed HP that you lost during a fight. All combined, the loot makes sure you get your shot at the yummy yummy Chicken-Dinner (PS. For those noobs out there that is the description for a delicious victory when you win a game).

PUBG is a tough game. You often have a 1% chance of winning if you are going in solo, 50% in duo and 25% chance if you are in a squad. But make sure you trust the boys and girls alongside you as you ride into the savage-like battle royale. And with war comes tactic. Game sounds need to be honed in on if you want to know where your enemy is approaching from and vehicles are not excluded from that either. Knowing where a player or vehicle is approaching from is key in order to position yourself for that extra frag/kill and win the gun fight.

Official rating: ★★★★☆ 8/10

Get it on Steam for R 319.00

Steam Recent Review: Mixed (46 463)
Steam Overall Review: Mixed (585 782)

Summary: The Future of PUBG is a bright one but as long as the creators listen to their audience and enact important bug fixes and creative game changes mentioned. Otherwise I recommend this game to jam with all your close buddies and competitive teammates… It sure is a way to build both a happy and equally aggressive friendship.
Written by Chris “Scanky” Maritz