Public Teamspeak Server

As the month of love slowly comes to a close, NiBBLE hope to prolong the good feels by officially opening our Teamspeak server to the public gaming community. Feel free to join our 200-client slot Teamspeak server at

What does this mean for me?

There are not many things better than spending some quality time gaming with your close mates over Teamspeak or Discord. Some of us also crave the need to be connected to a larger community, especially when everyone is doing what you enjoy… Gaming! So for those of you needing a place to crash then NiBBLE have got your back.

How do I get a channel?

NiBBLE has public Teamspeak channels dedicated to those who are just wanting to casually join in for some banter or who are willing to entertain the odd public member dropping in to say “Gutentag”.

For those slightly more competitive fanatics or frequent communication addicts needing their own dedicated channels, you can simply complete the form at the end of the article. Our administration team will take a look at your application submission and contact you with details for your channels. At this point, we will only be offering 2 channels (1 parent and 1 sub channel) just to make sure the server doesn’t get much longer than the queues at home affairs.

If you are looking for a little bit of the in-between: privacy with friends but aren’t so keen on going through the hassle of applying for a permanent channel then simply join the server and create a temporary channel down below.

Arnold Classic Africa NiBBLE LAN Event 2018
Photo courtesy of Purple Thunder: NiBBLE LAN Arnold Classic Africa 2018

Why would NiBBLE do this?

NiBBLE thrives through the community. Without the members, the fans, and the critics we, unfortunately, would not be able to do what we do best and bring esports closer to everyone’s hearts. We wanted to give back to the community in some way or another by reaching out and offering you an opportunity to stay connected with friends, NiBBLE shenanigans and other South African gamers. We know it is something small but could potentially be a big change in bringing the community together.

I use Discord… I don’t need this.

Weird flex but ok… We joke, we joke. NiBBLE also make use of both Discord and TS3. Just remember everyone has their own personal preference and it is always cool to have offerings for everyone out there. We aren’t going the Skype route! I think we can all confidently raise our glass to that one.

We look forward to meeting a lot of you and hope this can be one of many steps for NiBBLE to continue connecting with and providing for the general gaming community.

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