Hello there, ladies and gentlemen of the gaming community and welcome to Nibble TV. I’m HandsomeRob, and today we’re taking a look at the new League of Legends honour system, and how it’s done so far.

As most League players know, this honour system isn’t the first to be released from Riot. The original honour system did mostly what the new one does, with the exception of just rewarding players with banners that would display their honourable nature in champ select and loading screens. This promoted a spike of great behaviour right after launch before things went back to normal after a few months. This, in my opinion, was due to the fact that the reward system didn’t carry over into the game, and that the honour banners became increasingly difficult to maintain as time went on after the launch. While I understand that Riot would like players to maintain good behaviour, their previous system proved to be somewhat flawed. This was mainly due to  Banners would disappear and getting them back felt unachievable. It wasn’t long before they stopped showing up entirely, and players went back to acting how they did before.

With that in mind, I wasn’t too phased by the new honour system being announced. I figured it would be the same story, where people would be nice for a bit before everything goes back to normal. It wasn’t until I hit my first honour level progression, that I began to think otherwise. I finished a game and was notified that I had achieved honour level three, with a few additional goodies over in my loot screen. The next time I logged in, I got another notification with a free key fragment attached. It was at that moment when it clicked for me. By rewarding players with “free” champions and skins, Riot puts League of Legends players in a position where they have something to lose. Now, when a player decides to be toxic they are giving up their potential to get free skins and champions. This is being supported with the upgraded banners that players get on their profiles, and again in loading screens, as it shows the honour status of said player. Other players now know whether or not their team is capable of being a positive influence on their game.

Keep in mind, that this positive influence isn’t just what gets said to other people. I say this because Riot has given us three option to commend our teammates with. Namely, Tiltproof, Great Shotcaller and GG <3. While GG <3 is used to commend the overall nice players, our focus is more on the other two honour options, as they have more to do with the players impact on a game. Players are feeling more inclined to make suggestion or calls on what to do next in game, as they know their behaviour could be rewarded. More importantly, players who are behind are encouraged to focus on themselves as opposed to flaming their team, however, this applies more to competitive games with higher risk. As a jungle main, I’ve received a lot less blame for not winning my teammates lanes for them. Instead, I’ve been getting more polite gank requests, which are mostly followed up with an “on my way” ping. Not having a toxic top laner constantly yelling at me has led to a lot of turnaround games, as I’m now willing to help out. What’s really great, is if that player ends up carrying the game,  and earns an honour flair in the post-game screen.

The honour flair that players get in the post-game screen for earning significant honour from their team, is a nice little touch to round of a great improvement to the honour system. It’s nothing permanent, but whenever I see it, I am a little envious. Maybe that’s just me, but there is always at least one person who goes into their next game wanting to be heralded by their team at the end of it.

Overall, Riot has done a lot of good with this new honour system, and it goes to show that they do care about their players. Going forward, I don’t think it will be as easy as it has been this season to get to honour level 5, due to players having more time to gain honour in future seasons. Personally I think that’s fine, so long as reaching the highest honour level is achievable for players doing their part in keeping the community toxic free. Additionally, once players earn their rewarded level they should be allowed to keep it so long as they remain a positive influence in their games. And finally, the loot rewards for these players are crucial. If Riot take these away at any point, players would have very little to lose when it comes  to keeping things honourable. The idea of free champions and skins is the most weighted part of this honour system, and is the motivator for players to participate. I don’t expect Riot to dish these out excessively, as they are a business with a bottom line at the end of the day, but they do need to give out just enough to make it feel worth it. That’s my take on it, but I’d love to hear what all of you at home think about it! Do you like the new honour system? Do you prefer the old system better? Or maybe it just hasn’t affected you at all, and you haven’t noticed a difference. In which case, offer some suggestions for improvements!  Feel free to tell me what you think on Twitter @HandsomeO_ORob or even leave a comment below.

That’s all for this article, thanks for reading!