With the launch of Battalion 1944 happening tonight, 1st February 2018, lots of competitive FPS (First Person Shooter) fanatics can be excited to see the return of some integral features that made some game titles the renown FPS legends of today. Whether you are an experienced COD, CS:GO veteran or are simply looking to get a few frags in an intensive matchmaking system, this is definitely the title you should start looking at. You will 100% find a couple of the NiBBLE peepz immersing ourselves in some WWII gun fire and we hope that the majority of FPS SA gamers will join us !

The development team,  Square Enix, really took the community perspective into account when deciding on the making of this game having even been originally proposed and entirely funded on kick-starter.com. With the community support, interaction and funding, this project has gone from idea -> dream competitive shooter, in a matter of months. We have seen some big esports names from the old school COD4, COD2 and medal of honour days pulling through to collaborate on the project and bring the players what they want. Dedicated servers, strafing, kill point counters are just a few aspects that made the old school titles of FPS so appealing. Having been a COD4 and CS GO player myself, there are definitely aspects from COD4 I miss dearly… Sprint, Q and E leaning being some of them <3. So I hope you are as excited as I am for the release of Battalion at 7pm tonight. Keen to see you all joining in on the FPS hype !

That’s of course not all ! With the release of Battalion 1944, NiBBLE esports would like to announce our new addition to the South African esports community, The Battalion 1944 League South Africa – or just B44L for short :P.

NiBBLE esports wants to see Battalion 1944 go huge in South Africa ! We want to see the introduction of some new FPS titles into the competitive South African esports scene and watch our community thrive over a number of FPS titles. After all the SA community can only grow with numbers and NiBBLE invite everyone to join in on making Battalion the next big thing in SA esports. This opportunity will allow teams to compete in a new, fresh FPS game title, without the stress of needing to climb the competitive mountain apparent in the current SA CS GO scene.

The guys over at B44L saw the opportunity to create a league, FOR THE PLAYERS BY THE PLAYERS, to grow Battalion’s competitive potential in SA. That phrase does seem pretty fitting, considering the origins of the idea behind the creation of Battalion 1944. NiBBLE was soon approached to help power this amazing initiative and bring the League to the SA esports community. You guessed right… We said yes and hope that we can help encourage other organisations and tournament organisers to join in and help grow this potentially great game. B44L, partnered with NiBBLE ESPORTS, have taken it upon ourselves to create the platform for which Battalion 1944 can launch as a top FPS competitive game title in SA.  We see the major potential that Battalion holds and hope that you guys will join in on the hype train.

Visit B44L to see how you can get involved and help the Bat44 SA scene. NiBBLE esports will soon be opening trials for Bat44 so make sure you send through an application and join the NiBBLE Battalion

Peace out from the NiBBLE FAM.