Hey Fellow Plebians

Welcome back from the festive season, NiBBLe hopes you are all ready to perform in this years competitive scene. To kick things off in a rather competitive manner, the NiBBLe Inter Clan competition, 1 vs 1 tournament and the all new February vote will be a kickstarter to the great year ahead.

So what is this February Vote we speak of ? NiBBLe will be giving our members the opportunity in designing an array of t-shirts, mouse-pads and NiBBLe eSports intro videos. This will be placed for all the clan to see and allow them to cast their vote on the best design for each category. This gives all the members an opportunity to actively contribute to the community, whether the design is selected or not, and join in on producing some awesome designs with great competitive fun.

Round 1 of this competition will begin onย 1st February with the designers submitting their designs. All our members will be able to begin voting on the 2nd February – 15th February (stay posted for more information in the upcoming weeks) and offer any suggestions that may improve the design for the final round. Round 2 will see the finalist designs reaching our website, where again our members will be given the task of voting for the winning design from each category. Designers have from the 16th February – 20th February to make the changes before entering the final round. All our members can cast their vote from the 21st February – ย 28th February.

The categories include: NiBBLe eSports Mousepads, NiBBLe eSports T-shirt designs and a 1 – 5 Second NiBBLe eSports intro video. Before we wrap this post up, looks like there may also be some prizes awaiting the winner of the design competition. If you are wanting to enter a specific category or even all the categories ! Comment below with the category you are interested in entering. You can also find all the templates for the t-shirt and mousepad designs in the file center of teamspeak.

If you have any questions or any random news about what you think of this event, comment below and fill the page with your wisdom :]