NiBBLE Esports promotions and relegations results for the end of the third Leg of the VS Gaming League.

Nibble Esports promotions and relegations

The VS Gaming third leg has come to an end and we are proud of our results. All of our teams have shown a lot of dedication, passion and strength in this leg which really contributes to the success of NiBBLE Esports. The NiBBLE teams have also shown some impressive results as well as major improvements. We are really looking forward to the start of the VS Gaming fourth leg in which we will definitely see even more impressive results from our teams as well as new teams entering.

The NiBBLE community is growing every day and we are extremely excited about what the future has installed for us. On the topic of future events. Make sure to attend Rush this weekend ( 29 June – 01 July ). NiBBLE will be showing a major presence and would love to see you all there. We will be hosting both Hearthstone and VainGlory tournaments with a lot of prizes to be won. There will also be demos and interactions during the course of the weekend.

Rush Expo 2018 Poster

Premiership Division
Prem Vs Gaming League Game Title Team W/D/L Placements
Rocket League Cubic 6/0/1 1st
Dota 2 Horde 4/0/3 4th
League of Legends Puddles Knights 5/0/2  (1 F ) 5th
Rocket League Salvage Proficiency 1/0/5  (1 F ) 7th
League of Legends Death Note 0/0/5  (2 F ) 8th
1st Division
  Game Title Team W/D/L Placement
Dota 2 EGO 6/0/1 1st
Dota 2 Invicta 6/0/1 1st
Hearthstone Golgren 4/0/3 4th
Rocket League Illusion 2/0/5 7th
2nd Division
Second Vs Gaming League   Game Title Team W/D/L Placement
Hearthstone Mind_Game 8/0/1 1st
Counter-Strike GO Conspire 4/0/3 3rd
Counter-Strike GO iDENTiTY 5/0/1  ( 1 F ) 3rd
Dota 2 RAMC 3/0/3 4th

Thank you to all the NiBBLE teams who are putting in the hard work. It is paying off. We can see it.