Promotion and relegation results for the third Leg of the VS Gaming League.

NiBBLE had some amazing results to showcase after the first half of the VS Gaming season. We have seen some amazing dedication, commitment and perseverance from our teams as they move from strength to strength with each VS Gaming Leg. Very well done to all our teams you have made the NiBBLE community proud. We will be cheering you on in the upcoming leg 3 & 4 as we prepare for the Comic-Con DGC event.

Comic Con Africa Poster

Premiership Division
Game Title Team W/D/L Placements
Dota 2 New text Document 4/0/3 4th
League of Legends Puddles Knights 2/0/5 6th
Rocket League Dexterity 4/0/3 5th
1st Division
  Game Title Team W/D/L Placement
Dota 2 Horde 7/0/0 1st  (Promoted)
Dota 2 EGO 4/0/3 4th
League of Legends Death Note 6/0/1 2nd  (Promoted)
Rocket League Cubic 5/0/0 (2 F) 2nd (Promoted)
Rocket League Illusion 4/0/2 (1 F) 3rd
2nd Division
  Game Title Team W/D/L Placement
Counter-Strike GO iDENTiTY 3/0/4 4th
Counter-Strike GO Conspire 5/0/2 3rd
Dota 2 Invicta 6/0/0 (1 F) 1st (Promoted)
Dota 2 RAMC 4/0/2 (1 F) 4th
League of Legends Ragnarok 0/0/0 (7 F) 6th (Relegated)
Hearthstone Golgren 6/0/0 (1 F) 2nd (Promoted)
Hearthstone Mind_Game 5/0/1 (1 F) 4th