NiBBLE ViViD qualifies for WESG China 2019

NiBBLE ยป Wynand ‘ViViD’ Meiring recently finished 1st place in the WESG South African national qualifier hosted by Mettlestate. ViViD will be representing both NiBBLE and South Africa at WESG China 2019, hosted by Alisports. This marks an important time for NiBBLE as this will be our first opportunity at competing at an international event of this magnitude. 2017 Main Stage
Credited to 2017 Main Stage

ViViD walked away with a $500 prize pool and will receive free travel and accommodation to China to compete at the grand final. During the Grand Final duration, each participant will have access to computers for the entire duration of the tournament. 2017 Building
Credited to 2017


The NiBBLE Hearthstone division, Salty Sea Dogs, are already hard at work in providing scrim opportunities and deck-building suggestions. The South African Hearthstone community have also been extremely supportive and have extended their support to ViViD to ensure the best competitive preparation. Thank you to everyone who has helped Wynand at this point.

Barry 'Rambo' Bridges - Esports Mind & Move: Strength & Recovery Coach
Esports Move & Mind: Sleep, Strength & Recovery Coach – Barry ‘Rambo’ Bridges

Additionally, NiBBLE will be receiving a tailored athlete performance advancement and optimization program from Esports Mind & Move, a newly established esports sports science and sports psychology organization. This program will include mental preparation & readiness, deep sleep science, and strength & recovery training. They will be launching during the first quarter of 2019, so make sure to keep an eye out for their organization and professional work.

NiBBLE will also be hosting some local Hearthstone community tournaments to stimulate the competitive ecosystem. We are hoping that this will provide the opportunity for high-intensity scrims in aiding ViViD with his competitive preparation. ViViD also ‘casually’ watches a couple of hours of international matches and streamers daily, just to get in that international meta mindset.

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Please make sure to follow NiBBLE esports on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to receive a live feed of everything happening at WESG 2019. Feel free to also tag us and show your support to #vividwesg.

On behalf of the NiBBLE Hearthstone division, we really appreciate the community effort and we know that it will go a long way in giving Wynand the confidence to bring home a first place title. Thank you.

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